I told my mother I was pregnant yesterday. I feel bad for it…the reason I told her ( the only reason, honestly) was because my boyfriend and I broke up. He was the one taking me to my doctor’s appointments, so I needed to tell someone so I can use insurance and stuff…aka parents. I feel like a really shitty daughter about it to be honest. She didn’t really say much. She was like:
“are you joking?”
"did you tell your dad?"
“well you better.”
then dead silence for the rest of the day.

I guess she is in shock? I’m not sure. I have to tell my dad still, but i’m scared to. Then, I have to break it to both of them that Barrick is not interested in being a father or a boyfriend. =/ I’m really depressed actually. I did not go to school today. I feel really sick (morning sickness), and just so tired. I know some of it is pregnancy, but I know a big chunk of it is just this overall sadness. I can’t believe how things ended with Barrick and that I will be a single teenage mother. I want the best life for my child, and i’m terrified that i can’t give it to him/her. I’m just feeling sorry for myself, I know, and I need to get it together and be strong for my little pumpkin. :)

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  • 08 February 2013
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